Sample Essay on Impact of Illegal Arms Trafficking

Smuggling of weapons and ammunition considered to be contraband is referred to as arms trafficking. В Every country and region has laws governing the trade and acquisition of firearms. When these laws are not adhered to, a crime has been committed. These laws vary from one country to another.

Some countries allow their citizens to own some arms while others do not allow. Arms consist of small arms, light weapons, ammunition and explosives. Small arms are those mostyly used by individuals while light arms are used by a unit or group. For example, pistols fall under the small arms category and grenade launchers fall under light arms. In most countries where it is legal to own arms, people are allowed only to possess small arms. The others which are considered more destructive are not owned.
Arms trafficking is most rampant in countries and regions where there is high insecurity. People involved in this illegal business target such areas where people feel vulnerable. Such countries have a highВ rate of insecurity and the peole feel they need to protect themselves. ItВ is also easier to conduct illegal business in such regions because corruption is very high. Arms trafficking thrives in regions with high corruption cases.

The impact

The proliferation of illegal arms in a country bring about negative eventualities. Mostly, illegal fire arms will be purchased in order to facilitate other illegal dealings. Illegal arms are bought by drug cartels. In order to ferry drugs from point of production down to the customer, a lot of criminal activities take place. People’s lives are lost throughout the entire process and it is normally caused by illegal fire arms.

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There are some regions that are famous for illegal arms trafficking. Most of the illegal small arms that enter Central America come from Colombia. There are guerrilla as well as other illegal outfits that operate in the region.

Areas that suffer a lot of insecurity due to illegal arms trafficking suffer an erosion of their social capital. Illegal arms trafficking promote impunity. People live in fear of their safety and the criminals who have all means frustrate those who do not.

Interpersonal relationships and families also feel the negative impacts of illegal arms trafficking. Domestic violence can easily turn into serious issues when guns are involved. This is especially so when the gun is owned b someone who is not psychologically fit to won one. Gender based violence is fuelled by the same. This can leave a lasting negative psychological impact among the parties directly or indirectly involved.

Armed violence has been viewed as not only being destructive to the society but a cause of underdevelopment. Investors would not want to risk investing in a country that is very insecure. Those who do will make very calculated risks and hence the country will not achieve its ultimate economic potential.

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